Refurbishment of Ceramic Electrodes

Refurbished Ceramic Electrodes (Ceramic Treater Bars)

  • Ceramic electrodes are vital parts used in corona treaters around the globe. PVN provides electrodes for any make and model corona treater. We offer a 5-day shipping on all ceramic electrodes (no matter the size or shape).
  • As the leading electrode supplier, PVN will provide an exact retrofit or an optimized retrofit replacement for your existing corona treater bars, depending on the issues you are experiencing with your current corona treatment electrodes.
  • PVN can manufactures different corona treater rod configurations for any make and model of corona treaters. We provide guaranteed performance on our ceramic electrodes. Many ceramic electrodes in the industry today are not designed for maximum performance; PVN can supply you the corona treatment system electrodes for maximum power output and longevity.


Any Shape

  • Rectangular or Square with/without fins. All shapes are in stock and ready to ship.

Ceramic Electrode Retrofit

  • Retrofit an improved electrode configuration into your existing corona treater to improve power, dyne levels and maintenance issues. A PVN engineer will work with you directly during this process.

Recondition Or Repair

  • Burned or dirty electrodes? Low maintenance budget? Don’t sweat it. PVN will study feasibility and repair or recondition your old electrodes for a fraction of the price of buying new. All in just one week.


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