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  • Alumina ceramic is one of the oldest of the ceramics used in engineering, due to its excellent electrical insulation properties together with high hardness and good wear resistance.
  • Alumina has a high melting point, high hardness and due to the relatively large coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance is reduced.
  • Alumina is an electrically insulating material, with a high electrical resistivity, increasing with purity.
  • PVN can offer 96% Alumina Ceramic Al2O3 Post Insulators and other ceramic parts as OEM replacement spares in the Surface treatment Corona discharge equipment of Any Brand.
Overview of Physical Properties
  • Good electrical insulation
  • High mechanical strength
  •  Excellent wear resistance
  •  Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low dielectric constant
PVN Insulator 11
PVN Insulator 01
PVN Insulator 03
PVN Insulator
Ceramic Electrodes for Corona Treatment front view
Ceramic electrodes for corona treatment