Non Conductive Ceramic Coated Roller

  • Rollers with a ceramic coat are used in special applications with conductive webs. Ceramic coated rolls are manufactured in an elaborate plasma coating process which places them in a higher price segment than uncoated or silicone coated rollers. The ceramic coat is hard enough to resist any mechanical stress that is likely to occur during normal operation. The ceramic coat also acts as a dielectric.
  • PVN Dielectric Ceramic Corona Treater Roll Covering is excellent for hard to treat, continuous (24/7), treating operations. PVN Dielectric Ceramic coated rollers provides consistent treatment, excellent resistance to cuts, wear and ozone, and a longer service life than most other dielectrics. Dielectric ceramic coating is intended for covered roll treater designs, which incorporate steel ground rolls.
  • PVN Live Shaft Rollers are mounted in external bearings allowing the shafts to rotate with the roll. Live shaft rollers are generally used in high temperature corona discharge applications to keep the bearings out of the harsh environment. Live shaft rollers are ideal for handling higher loads.
  • Sizes range from 75mm in diameter up to 500mm in diameter and up to 2500mm long

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Technical Data

  • Dielectric Constant: 8 to 10
  • Resistance to Ozone: Excellent
  • Dielectric Strength: 500+ V/mil
  • Cut/Wear Resistance: Excellent
  • Hardness: 65 RC (Rockwell C)
  • Max. Continuous Operating Temperature: 200° C
  • Short Term Max. Temperature: 230° C
  • Wall Thickness: 1200-1800 microns
  • Note: PVN can offer Ceramic Coated roller stripping & recoating services.


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