Patch Repairing Kit for Silicone Substance


Exclusive GST

Complete Kit for Coated Roller Patch Repair Includes Good Quality Imported Materials

  • All in one kit, it is perfect to repair patch for coated roller, Silicone Coated Roller, Rubber Roller, PU Roller, Guide Roller, Banana/Bow Roller etc…
  • Multifunctional & Everything in the Bag: – Kit contains everything that is required to repair patch

Easy to use

  • Not everyone is a professional, keeping that in mind this kit is designed for everyone. Kit Contains Standard operating procedure Manual.

1st Time in India PVN Introduced Patch repairing Kit for Silicone Substances- Rubber- Coated Roller


Kit Includes Following Items

  • Nitto 923S- Silicon Tape-Imported (Japan)
  • Air Blower Pump
  • PVN 92 – Silicone bonding Agent (USA)
  • Red RTV Silicone Sealant (USA)
  • PVN Surface Pre-Cleanser
  • Metal Brush
  • Applier
  • Scrub Pad-3M
  • Grit Emery Paper
  • SOP Manual



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