PVN Surface Pre Cleanser For Electronics, PCB, Sensitive Cleaning & Multi Purpose Use


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  • PVN Surface Pre Cleanser for gadgets cleaning Cleaning Kit supplied to clean your, Electronics circuit, LCD-LED and PCB, Machinery, bearing, moving parts neatly without damaging your product. It has super quality liquid form spray for cleaning experience. Easy to apply, can be used easily. Most effective on electronic device Unique solution easily removes dirt, dust, stubborn fingerprints, moisture and stain. POLYFIBRE TOWEL TO USE AFTER CLEANSER ON DEVICES. ALSO DUST CLEANING BRUSH
  • PVN Electronics Cleanser Kit for gadgets cleaning, PCB Electronics Circuit Cleaning,to clean your electronics gadgets & all Kinds of Industrial & Scientific Applications with polyfibre tiny towel & brush (combo kit)
  • Cleaning Kit supplied to clean your, Electronics circuit, LCD-LED and PCB
  • It is not harmful to your electronic gadgets or device.
  • Perfect for Mobile, TVs, computer, monitors, tablets, cell phones, digital cameras or any similar electronics device




  • The non-adhesive side exhibits excellent features of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) such as electrical properties, resistance to heat, weather, chemical, and water (water shedding), and non-adhesiveness.
  • Superior tensile strength.
  • Superior flame resistance.
  • Can be used in a wide range of temperature (-60°C – 200°C), however, it may vary according to the use condition.


  • For roll wrapping in polyethylene laminators (Suitable for long continuous use as the tape has superior durability and mechanical strength).
  • For endless belts of polyethylene laminators (Depending on application,Time for changing tapes upon dimensional change of laminated products can be shortened by making a double-layered endless belt, adhering with NITOFLON No.923UL or No.923S.)
  • For insulation of coils as a class H insulating material.
  • Can be laminated with metals, plastics and ceramics as general sliding materials.



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