Silicone Cables & Cable Insulation Sleeves

PVN High Voltage Silicone Wire

  • When every application is critical and wire failure is not an option, choose high voltage silicone rubber hook up wire as your solution. High voltage silicone rubber hook up wire benefits from excellent flexibility, excellent dielectric strength, and resistance to radiation, corona and ozone.

    This high voltage silicone rubber hook up wire can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +250°C depending on the application.

Silicone Transparent Sleeve Left View
High Voltage Silicone Cable bottom View
High Voltage Silicone Cable 01
Technical Specification
  • Heat Resistance 200°C
  • Wear Resistance Excellent
  • Hardness 60-70 Shore A
  • Appearance Transparent to Transculent.
  • Density : 1.2
  • Temperature : – 60° to + 200° C. (-110° to 480° F)
  • Elongation at break 500%
  • Tensile Strength : 11.0 Mp
  • For Corona/Plazma Surface Treatment
    Machinery Customize Range.
  • Silicon Sleeves With their easy in-plant installation, both sleeve types create significant savings by eliminating the need for costly spare rollers, heavy metal roller cores, and costly two-way shipping.
  • Ideal For Covered Roll Surface Treatment Applications.
  • Manufactured to very tight tolerances
    Fits foreign and domestic treaters
    Made to fit a wide range of roll diameters.
  • Features and Benefits
    Stranded or finely stranded tinned copper conductors protecting the wires from corrosion and increasing efficiency in hot and humid environments

    Colour-coded insulation for easy circuit identification

    Easy to handle, strip and terminate

    Silicone rubber insulation

    Available in lengths from 1 Meter to 100 Meters

  • Product Applications
    Hook up wire can be used for a broad range of applications, whether that be in a control cabinet, high-temperature oven, or in a specialised machine tool.

    PVN Wire’s FIT heat-shrink tubing and FIT wire management system can both be used with the PVN Wire hook up wire range and are an ideal for solving many challenges in electrical and electronic wiring.

  • Specifications Attribute Value Brand Alpha Wire Series Premium Core Strands 65/0.25 mm Cross Sectional Area 3.3 mm² Conductor Material Tinned Copper Voltage Rating Upto 50 kV dc Maximum Operating Temperature +250 °C Sheath Colour White/pink/Grey/ Red oxide/Blue Outer Diameter 7.29 mm American Wire Gauge 12 AWG Insulation Material Silicone Rubber Insulation Wall Thickness 2.5 mm Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C Standards Met UL Listed