Ceramic Electrodes

Pvn Ceramic Electrodes For Corona Treatment or Discharge In Surface Treatment Technology

  • With high-quality aluminum oxide-based corona electrodes, PVN Ceramics electrodes addresses the needs of the packaging and film printing industry.
  • Our ceramic electrodes are particularly durable and enable corona discharges with high power density for a wide variety of packaging materials – e.g. plastic, aluminum or paper films – can be printed or coated with inks – technically a demanding process.
  • Our PVN Ceramic Electrodes are manufactured with imported alumina profiles made of high performance ceramic materials including very pure alumina from Europe and OEM supplies with superior quality. Our electrode are proven with higher density corona discharge for the required watt density against any competitive/OEM supplies.
  • The imported long profiles are made of alumina material impress with very high purity as well as high dielectric strength, thus offering maximum reliability. These ceramic corona profiles for the electrodes are characterized by a long service life and process stability.
  • PVN Ceramic electrodes allows high voltages in use, guaranteeing more efficient machines, very high straightness, and consistent quality. All these requirements are very important for the application of the corona discharge in the high voltage range.

Replacement Ceramic Electrodes (Ceramic Treater Bars)

  • Ceramic electrodes are vital parts used in corona treaters around the globe. PVN provides electrodes for any make and model corona treater. We offer a 5-day shipping on all ceramic electrodes (no matter the size or shape).
  • As the leading electrode supplier, PVN will provide an exact retrofit or an optimized retrofit replacement for your existing corona treater bars, depending on the issues you are experiencing with your current corona treatment electrodes.


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Advanced Ceramic Materials | Extruded Ceramic Sheaths and Tubes

  • PVN can manufactures different corona treater rod configurations for any make and model of corona treaters. We provide guaranteed performance on our ceramic electrodes. Many ceramic electrodes in the industry today are not designed for maximum performance; PVN can supply you
    the corona treatment system electrodes for maximum power output and longevity.
  • Various forms and shapes of extruded parts are available from PVN product range. Different customer requirements demand varied tool designed to their specific applications. Ceramic insulating rods for thermo elements in accordance with EN 50113 standards, available with and without slots.
  • It can treat both conductive and insulated material, such as metal film, laser film, aluminum foil, Aluminum plating film bar-code label, metal labels.
  • High efficiency electrode in stainless steel or ceramic for most printing and lamination applications requiring refreshment of pre-treated substrates or post-treatment of untreated substrates
  • PVN ceramic electrodes are Imported with good quality. It is the best parts choice for corona Surface Treatment Machinery . Uniform discharge, saving electricity.


  • A highly dense technical oxide ceramic material that can be determined by characteristics of hardness and high strength in combination with that of temperature stability. High corrosion against and wear resistance defines the material for excellent usage in various chemical applications.

Advantages of PVN Ceramic Electrodes

  • very high dielectric strength
  • corona discharges with high power density
  • very high purity and homogeneity => high reliability even at highes voltages and in continuous use
  • very high straightness
  • Characterized by a long service life and process stability.

Any Shape

  • Rectangular or Square with/without fins. All shapes are in stock and ready to ship.

Ceramic Electrode Retrofit

  • Retrofit an improved electrode configuration into your existing corona treater to improve power,
    dyne levels and maintenance issues. A PVN engineer will work with you directly during this

Recondition Or Repair

  • Burned or dirty electrodes? Low maintenance budget? Don’t sweat it. PVN will study feasibility
    and repair or recondition your old electrodes for a fraction of the price of buying new. All in just one

Ceramic Or Metal Treating Applications

  • No matter the application, PVN can provide you the required electrodes. We have 30+ years of
    technical experience with both metal and ceramic applications, conductive or nonconductive.

How to get your new, optimized ceramic electrodes

  • Provide PVN with a rough sketch or drawing file of your current electrode configuration.
  • PVN sends an approval drawing for you to sign off on.
  • Production begins and in just 5 DAYS the electrodes will be shipped.
  • Install the electrodes and run your line. Thank you!

Send Your Existing Electrode Dimension – Photos we Will Make Design Drawing & Make Exact Replacement for Your Existing Treater Rod

Ceramic electrodes are used in many surface Treatment – corona treaters Applictions We will provide a direct retrofit for your existing treater rods.



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